Green Bay Select Volleyball Club

Badger Region Junior Girls ages 11-18

Scorekeep and Ref Clinic
Thursday Dec. 27th 6pm Comfort Suites, 1951 Bond St.
Please bring a pencil, pen and closed bottle of some sort of beverage.

It is important that every athlete and coach in our program be informed on the following items not just because it is required by the Badger Region but to make you proud of the job that your doing at any event. You will learn how to R-2, Line Judge, Scorebook, Libero Tracking, Score Flip chart etc.

We want teams that we are officiating to not worry about our knowledge of the game and also that we know it is important to them that we pay attention and be professional.

Clinic Paperwork & Powerpoint

  • Powerpoint presentation of Clinic

    If you don't have powerpoint on your computer you can download a free application to view it.

    Work Table Duties

    - NO cellphones and or mp3 players allowed at table. Pay attention and do the best job you can at these duties. Respect the officials, athletes and your club program by being responsible

  • 2 Set Scoresheet

    This paperwork must be started well before game time along with flip of the coin and timing of warmups to keep the tournament on time. Good rule of thumb is Pen prior to and after game, Pencil during only.  Sample Sheet

  • 3rd set Deciding Match

    If each team wins one set, a deciding game to point 15 will determine match winner. Teams switch sides at point 8 so fill in lineup on all 3 areas. Sample Sheet

  • Libero Tracking Sheet

    The Libero entering the court must be documented each time. This sheet is used to ensure the Libero is going in and out for the same athlete and only serves for one player in a set by placing a triangle around the number/letter. Libero Serving Rules

  • Player line-up sheet

    Each coach must turn in their line-up of athletes to the score table 10 minutes prior to the start of the game. Table workers must check for the letter C by the number of their floor captain and look for coaches signature.

  • Before leaving table

    Before leaving the score table clean up please. The scoreboard should be returned to 0 and the scoresheet must be completed in full with coaches, official and scorekeeper signatures. Teams can be reported and penalized by the Badger Region for turning in an incomplete or incorrect scoresheet/scoresheet

R1, R2 and Line Judging

  • R1 Responsibilities

    Your teams head coach or assistant coach will perform the R1 officiating duties in Pool Play along with overseeing athletes completion of duties. Coaches must sign the scoresheet after checking that the scoresheet is completed properly.

  • R2 Responsibilities

    Responsible athletes who have passed the test with a passing score will be instructed or allowed to perform the R2 officiating duties. This job requires a dedicated attention span, a knowledge of the rules and an athlete that understands how important this job is.

  • Line Judging

    Each set will require a pair of athletes to perform the duties of line judging. If flags are available use them to call the ball. If trading off with other team members in between sets, so not leave your duties until your replacement is on the court.

  • Testing out of class - Online Club Score_ref Training.pdf
    1.3 MB

    This year athletes age 16 and 17 that have taken the course from our director multiple times can test out.
Ref and Scorekeeping!
Each year our athletes are required to take a Ref and Scorekeeping clinic. For review please train using the following link.
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