Green Bay Select Volleyball Club

Badger Region Junior Girls ages 11-18

Cultivate Family

We are both a volleyball program and a family. Value strong relationships in all areas: with directors, coaches, officials, parents, athletes and personal family members. Be compassionate, friendly, and loyal. Stand up for each other. Humbly offer and accept support. Earn and value trust. Celebrate individual and collective accomplishments and successes.

Benefit to Athletes

 * An organized club with passionate and well trained coaches.
* Free referee and score keeping training
* Guest Coach visits
* An affordable program.
* Opportunity to build self esteem.
* Compete effectively against other clubs.
* Lifetime friendships.
* Learn to live healthy along with the importance of training.
* How to conquer challenges and learn from mistakes.
* Multi Sport Athletes
* Team Bonding Events
* Non-profit organization
* Positive encouragement to succeed
* Post Season Party

Green Bay Select Volleyball Club provides wholesome opportunities for students to develop positive leadership habits and attitudes of social and group interaction through the sport of volleyball.

Our coaching leadership is of the highest quality and will provide athletes knowledge of the sport and the proper execution of skills. Developing character, courage and integrity are major objectives of the program.

Knowledge and skills gained in practice will be applied and further developed through tournament play. We believe that participation is a privilege that carries with it responsibilities to the program, the sport, the other athletes, the community and to the athletes themselves. These experiences contribute to the development of learning skills and developing as a leader and carrier of good sportsmanship.

With the growth of our program, Green Bay Select has increased practice space, practice dates, equipment and coaching staff to provide more individual training.

Program Information
Cost and Length of Season

Age 14 & over 5 tournaments 2 hr Sunday practice and one week night skills practice

Price includes:
Coaches fees (membership, training, background screening.)
Facility fees (practice and tournaments)
Score keeping & Ref clinic
Equipment Use

Season will start with a parent and athlete welcome meeting the end of November and ends Mid March.  (Extended Season available dependent on coaches schedule)
Limit of 9-10 Athletes per team
Fundraising optional.
Jersey Rental only $10 for short sleeve, $20 long sleeve while supplies last
(If teams want long sleeve jerseys they may need to be purchased)
Black Spandex shorts and good athletic shoes are a requirement.
Warm-ups are available at cost (around $50).
Online credit card payment available

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